Cards on the Table


When I was at school and earlier in my working career I did send Christmas cards. At Primary School it tended to be to all my class mates and vice-versa and a few out of school friends who were few and far between, but if we are honest, in Primary School most of your friends are either in your school class or live on the same or a near by street, Geography tends dictate your early social circle. Secondary School, well year 7 for me was a tad akin to Primary School in that we pretty much were always in the same classes, but not so many cards went out or were received. After that it just tended to be my group of friends I wrote cards for and a few reciprocated cards to those who unexpectedly sent me one.

Work wise I used to do the staff and maybe a few locals, but these days I seldom do cards outside of my immediate social circle and a few friends who live way out of town, I would be sending a card to Sian but her circumstances are difficult at the moment… and besides she was such a charmer with her reply to her card and present last year:


Wasn’t she a charmer eh?

What type of card?

Normally I went for the cheap boxes of cartoon cards when doing a lot, now I tend to go for reasonably priced comedic cards as I have a smaller distribution circle.

Christmas Prompt 5


One thought on “Cards on the Table

  1. Back in the pre-wp days of Vox, a few of us exchanged cards but those are the last I ever sent or received. “Back in the day” I was into elaborate holiday cards.. my fav were cards that popped out to 3D Christmas trees and came with stickers to decorate. Instead of doing the stickers myself, I’d put them with the card so the recipient could decorate…. but at roughly $4 a card, I gave that up after a couple years.


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