A-Ho ho ho

Winter well and truly visited Shropshire over the weekend with a substantial fall of Snow, meaning your favourite Sandman very nearly became a Snowman… however Richard E Grant wasn’t about to feed me some Victorian Street urchins so a Sandman I remained.

Friday I received a morning message from Young Dan telling me that Wenlock was slippy, so I made myself extra time to get to work. However Wenlock was a no go as a Lorry was stuck on the Farley Road so I decided to go via Leighton and Cressage… Which was a little less of an issue due to a stuck lorry. However there was sufficient space for the traffic to overtake as guided by the lorry driver and his mate. This went well until the lady who was infront of me stalled her car and couldn’t get it going again, resulting in myself and a few fellow travellers to push her up the hill. The consequence of this being my car too was stuck and had to pushed up the hill, and so on and so on and so on. I finally arrived at work 20 minutes late just ahead of a second massive snow shower in which a lorry jack knifed on Harley Bank closing the road… Meaning we got an unexpected morning brunch trade as the Police directed motorists to the pub. A lot of these motorists were pretty girls so I didn’t mind. The snow cut off around one and the morning crew moved on once the Lorry was moved. About an hour later Ian sent me home as he was concerned about being stranded. Sasha the Chef was already stranded because she lives out in the country side. So I took the long route home via the M54 and got home about 3:30. Upon arrival I donned my awesome Gregory Porter hat and found a shovel and cleared the drive. After this I soaked my incredibly cold feet and watched a few episodes of the new series of Twin Peaks and then sat down for Tea before watching Batman Forever AKA Batman Movies Begin to Suck. It’s not that bad but some of the characterisation is bizarre, the writer’s have mistaken Two-Face for the Joker in terms of character and dress… Which wouldn’t be too bad IF the film didn’t feature an OTT performance by Jim Carrey as the Riddler. But Michael Gough is great as Alfred and Val Kilmer does a better Batman/Bruce Wayne then he did Simon Templer.

Saturday I made the bold decision to stay at the Pub all weekend to avoid any issues with weather. The mornings consisted of me digging cars out the car park and trade was variable. The bar trade was good but a lot of diners were put of because of snow. Sunday was amusing as a group of guys turned up on a Tractor!

Lisa and Sasha proved themselves to be very professional on their break

Sunday was a very long day with me being the sole member of front of house staff as wisely the bosses had called a snow day.
It was a tad snowy



I may have been stuck at work, but there are worse places to be stuck then a Pub cum B and B. I made my escape on Monday…

Normal service will be renewed soon.


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