Museum Piece

New Year’s Day Afternoon

Got home about 1 o’clock. The Curator invited me to her place but I said I needed some time to myself after the events of the evening. Make myself a bowl of soup and a cup of tea.  Check my emails to see if there is anything from work. Nothing. Check FB and find Annie has left a rather annoyed message that I had wondered off “with that fat cow.”  Bit rich coming from her.

Trying to recall what happened in the museum, but to no avail. 

Curator sends me some photos from her holiday, seems she had a good time. I treat her to some behind the scenes photos from my previous production. The series is due for broadcast around March.


PT messages me, need to do a small reshoot from the last day but the woman is unavailable. It’s only one scene so I say leave it with me. Message Curator and asks if she wants to do it. 

Beginning to have doubts about the woman playing the teacher. Had to do some rewrites to make her a newly qualified Teacher. Studio boss says it’s to make the story seem less scandalous. I’m not convinced.

2nd January

Back to the studio today to organise reshoot, all the school based studio scenes are to be filmed in the next 10 days. Weren’t allowed to do the exteriors at a school as they objected to the storyline, so we found a school looking building and borrowed a community football pitch for the schoolyard scenes.

Annie texts me asking if I can arrange a trip for the drama class… Now am I going to be mean???


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