The View from the Other Side

O dear Annie, she always does that effects on man. She was genuinely expecting a bit more from Bob. Quantity, quality and duration should go together.They are still backstage, half dressed. He is making smoke rings with his cigarette trying to avoid the fire alarm. Is she satisfied? May be. Is he? from his pleased face, he is indeed.
Gallantly Bob offers to look for the rest of their clothes. He’s half body laying under the sofa trying to retrieve her bra and when he emerges he is holding a bottle of Middleton, still sealed. They haven’t celebrated yet………. 
January the 2nd 

The festive season is pretty much over. 

Anotherfew days and school will be back and everything will be back to Annie’s kind of normal. She hasn’t left home in two days and she is still totally unaware of how she got there after New year eve. Last thing she remembers is Bob with his black ass up, kneeling under the sofa in the pub to get her bra.She got her bra back alright and, on top of that, a bottle of whiskey to share to celebrate the awards and the last fuck of the year. She look around the apartment and notices a taxi receipt: that is how she got home after Reg ditched her. The bath tub is filling up, the candles are scattered on the bathroom floor and lit up. She never has her bath without candles, no matter how bad the hangover is. She gently immerges in the tub disappearing under the gardenia scented foam, the warm water caressing her skin.Only one thought in her head,Reg:”Come on man”, he cannot be that upset for what happened with Bob after the awards.How old is he? 12? Beside he was invited to join in. It is not her fault if he passed the go. She must not to be blamed or to be ignored.
Maria Callas is singing through the speakers. She rubs a towel around her generous body to dry it. Still naked, she pours herself a vino, the right encouragement to pick up the phone. The wine is slowly warming her body ,down and back up to her head. The phone camera is on, she is sitting legs wide spread on a dining chair. The back of the chair in front of her squishing her breast and letting see her hard nipples only through the slots. The phone bips:the picture is taken and sent to his fb account. Now he cant ignore her any longer. She is still wondering in the house, from room to room, thinking if she should delete the post or not. She looks out the window and she sees him passing in front of her house. This is not a coincidence as much as it is not coincidence she is still naked looking out the window…looking out for him. He sees her. He sees the post too….except is not on his personal page but on the pub’s one.
This entry in the narrative has been written by Ortensia, go give her blog a read. You won’t regret it.


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