Change over

2018 has arrived and it has presented itself to me by giving me the dreaded Lurgy, so spent much of the week talking like Louis Armstrong. Sickness has not limited itself to me, a number of people at work have had it too.

Christmas went fairly well. We (Myself, Mum, Dad and Nan) had dinner at the Ramada Hotel and it was about £60 per head which isn’t bad for Christmas Day dinner. I had a smoked Salmon starter, roast Turkey for main course and the Cheeseboard for pudding. They had an ale on Tap but it wasn’t very well kept, passable though.

Home went ok, we had tea and biscuits and watched that classic Christmas movie…. She Wore A Yellow Ribbon starring John Wayne (or possibly Ronnie Corbett in a big hat). Once it was finished we switched over to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special, “Twice Upon A Time” which began with a previously on Doctor Who montage… Followed by the caption 976 episodes ago and went into a brief summary of the events of the Tenth Planet… With clips from the original episode before morphing the footage of William Hartnell into new material featuring David Bradley in scenes from the (currently) missing fourth episode of Tenth Planet. Then the story begins properly, it was very enjoyable but there wasn’t really much of a plot, more of a coda to the 12th Doctor. There has been criticism of the characterisation of the first Doctor but I can’t help think the comments were more him baiting his future self. The Christmas element was mostly absent until the end, where it transpires that the Solider was present at the Christmas Day armistice in 1914. The finale which was a farewell speech from the 12th Doctor summed up the essence of the character aimed at his new incarnation. It’s regeneration time and despite the whiners, Jodie Whittaker is now the Doctor.

New Year’s Eve I was off in the evening and went to the Kynn for a few bevvie. I had fun

That’s me with Zizzy, sisters Victoria & Becki and Paul the landlord.

New Year’s Day…. Slow at work thank god… Buddy Rich was playing a drum solo in my head.

And for now I bid you aideu.


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