Extended Family

When I was a wee Sandman in training, one of my hobbies was writing stories and recording audio plays with a friend of mine whom I shall refer to as Barb. A mutual interest of fictional world’s for us were the world’s of Doctor Who and those of the Oliver Twins’ computer game series featuring Dizzy and the Yolkfolk. Because of this we would often come up crossover stories for the two worlds. As a consequence of the nature of Doctor Who we decided to extend the Yolkfolk family in order to add some deaths to the story. Neither of us quite had the gall to kill off any established characters in the Yolkfolk family. Of course we didn’t kill them all off, some of them became useful for plot convenience. “Mad Dizzy” was, as the same suggests, a scientist and inventor type akin to Seymour Utterthwaite and would cause help or hinderance. The other I recall was a character we called “Cozy” and was a sort of doting eccentric aunt who ran a boarding house which would be the “home area” for stories outside Yolkfolk town.

Daily Prompt: Cozy

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