Please Don’t Feed the Animals

Arthur leaned back in the large office chair and let his arms flop by his sides, there’s nothing like looking overly relaxed to put your quarry off kilter. Especially when it was her office chair. Miss Sevenpenny was musing her way through the documents scattered on the desk. Miss Petterington stood looking nervous as she sipped from her coffee loudly. Arthur ignored it but Sevenpenny flashed a look in irritation.

“So tell me again,” Arthur said inhaling deeply. “What happened on the morning Gregory disappeared?”

Miss Petterington sighed in annoyance, “I have all ready been through this with the Police… And so far avoided any goddamn journalists or Greenpeace numpties.”

“That’s as maybe,” answered Sevenpenny, “but it is much quicker for us to go direct.”

“Besides,” added Arthur. “You might mention something you, or they, overlooked.” He closed with a smile he hoped would look comforting but in fact was akin the expression a Hyena has when finding a cornered rabbit. Realising he wasn’t getting the desired results, he dropped the smile.

“I opened up as usual, installed the tills and sent the keepers on their duty. Smeglaton then returned and informed me Gregory’s compound was unlocked.”

“Did it occur to you to search the grounds and the car park?” Asked Arthur.

Petterington snorted, “hardly I would have seen him on arrival. Gregory isn’t exactly hard to spot, he’s hardly small.”

“Very true,” answered Sevenpenny. “That was a very silly question Arthur. But…” She paused and faced Petterington. “…how exactly does one lose a Giraffe?”

In response to Daily Prompt: Zoo

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