One-Way Out

“Don’t open that door,” snapped Sevenpenny.

Mary paused in her tracks, there was something about the determined authority in the young lady’s voice which warranted her to listen. She turned to face her, “Prey tell me, why not?”

“Well it’s a door, more to the point,” began Sevenpenny, “it’s the only one in the room aside from the one we came through.”

“So it is obviously the way to go,” retorted Mary in a condescending tone.

“In a tomb?” Quizzed Sevenpenny, “the Architects of these ancient temples designed them to deter the progress of grave robbers. Not aide them in their cause.”

“You’ve been watching too many adventure films Julia,” Mary tutted dismissively. “Open Seseme,” she jokingly declared and pushed at the door. It was stiff, Mary gestured Sevenpenny to help but she was already examining the walls. “Find don’t help, ever since you started working with that old guy you’re finding shadows at high sun.” Mary have the door another shove and it creaked open.

Sevenpenny look up alarmed looked into the open gave. They couldn’t see anything, not even with the torch on full blast. A stale damp smell filled the air causing them both to cough. Nothing happened still.

“Told you so,” laughed Mary. “Nothing can possibly…” She paused and looked down. “Julia…” She whispered.

“What?” Asked Sevenpenny. A moment later she realised, water was now surrounding her feet. She shone the torch at door, water was beginning to pour through it, “back the way we came!” She snapped and turned around. To her horror, a stone door was begin to descend getting faster as the water level rose.

“Any ideas?” Asked Mary.

“We get wet?” Retorted Sevenpenny. “Try the walls, there might be a concealed exit.”

“If not?”

“The answer is obvious,” answered Sevenpenny. “We drown.”

Daily Prompt: One-Way


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