Godot’s Revenge

My feet are still a bit iffy but not terrible any more, unfortunately I do seem to be breaking out in a rash on my side and on my chest. I am wondering if there is something different I am using which is causing this.

Sunday I treated myself to a visit to a visit to Jazz Club 90 to see JB’s Jazz and Blues Band, very good they were too with a youngish chap on reeds, flute and trumpet. A lot of Louis Prima material was performed in the second half along side some swing Classics and a few oddities for the venue. The club now has a single Cask Handpull meaning Real Ale is not confined to bottle now. The ale in question was Holden’s Golden Glow, a lovely golden ale brewed not far from where Nan lives. I still miss the intimacy of the Harp in terms of seating but it seems that there is a much bigger turn-out, which is very good.

Monday became a double feature film day for me, well sort of, around 1pm the post man came and in the delivery was the DVD of Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary. I’d forgotten I had ordered that so it was a pleasant surprise. It’s quite comprehensive and it was good to have an insight into Trane’s childhood and background as they tend to be ignored in articles on him. The documentary gets into interesting notes written by Trane himself and in the production are read by Denzil Washington. There are a lot of rare video clips from European tours including a rare live performance of A Love Supreme. There insights from friends, family and fellow contemporary (to Trane) musicians such as Jimmy Heath, Sonny Rollins and McCoy Tyner, the former gets very visibly distressed at the end when talking about his death. Other contributors include Wynton Marsalis, Kamasi Washington, Carlos Santana, John Densmore (of the Doors) and Bill Clinton. It is an insightful piece and goes a lot of ways into getting an understanding of the man and his music. I didn’t realize how quickly Coltrane succumbed to Cancer, it was literally a couple of months. Well worth a watch.

The second was a trip to the local Cineworld to see the new Jumanji movie. It is a very good naff film, which utilizes the high school cliché students to establish the main characters (nerdy boy, sports jock who gets kid to do his home work, shallow self centre pretty girl and the moody preppy girl) but play around with them once they are in Jumanji. On this occasion Jumanji is a computer game and the characters become video game avatar clichés who are contrasts to their real physical selves. Dwayne Johnson pretty much plays his usual movie role but with a knowing wink to the audience as he is essentially playing the nerdy kid who is literally being the hard man hero character. The film serves Fridge (the Jock) and Bethany (the selfie obsessed it girl) better by having them become a weedy intellectual and in Bethany’s case a middle aged overweight professor played by Jack Black. Much humour is made here as they acquire knowledge from the characters in the game and face up to their own flaws. There is a bit of fun with Bethany having to learn how to pee like a man and having to learn to aim…. an ability it seems many life long men have failed to learn judging by the states of various pub toilets In have seen over the years. Karen Gillan plays a Lara Croft style heroine and it is quickly addressed that her costume makes no sense for the sort of locations she visits. There are several amusing scenes where we have Jack Black trying to teach Karen to be sexy and how to flirt… Which leads to a funny scene if her trying to distract some guards.

Plotwise it follows a typical roleplaying video game plot with actual justification for info-dumping based dialogue with NPC characters only able to say the words given to them in the game. It also has them have to learn to work as a group as all the players need to be alive to win…. That reminds of a great game I had on the SNES called The Lost Vikings (and it’s sequel called, er, Norse by Norsewest) and there each avatar had individual skills.

It’s a good dumb movie with a minor changing the future element to it too. The action set pieces are great and are reminiscent of levels in video games. Highly recommended.

7 thoughts on “Godot’s Revenge

  1. Many thanks for the tip about “Chasing Trane”, Mr. Swiss is now downloading it. He saw John Coltrane together with Miles Davis at a concert in Zürich in 1960. He still has the programme to the concert, so there might be a blog about it. He said Davis was wearing very shiny patent shoes with a dark blue suit, made to measure and Coltrane had a dark grey suit, both with bowl ties. More will follow.

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    • It’s a good documentary. Better then the Tubby Hayes one and much more insightful. They use music much more appropriately, with “Alabama” being set to MLK speeches and news footage. It’s quite emotional hearing Trane’s daughter relate how Alice related his death as beautiful

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