“….and hold it, riiight there.” There was a click and a flash and the young photographer captured the image. “Now if you will just turn a little to your left…” She continued.

The model moved slightly, he didn’t realise how exhausting it was keeping still. The photographer captured another image, looked up from her equipment and smiled.

“Let’s take a break shall we?” She beamed. The model nodded and relaxed. “Carol can you get us some coffee,” the photographer bellowed out a door.

The model slipped on a robe to prevent spillage on his out fit. “When you presented me with this robe I thought you were going to be getting me to take my clothes off.’

“Nothing candid here,” laughed the photographer.

Carol came in with a coffee pot and several cups. “Busy day tomorrow hun, three sets of baby photos and that pin up girl is back.” She informed the photographer.

“It never stops,” laughed the photographer.

The model smiled, “do you mind if I just make a quick phone call?”

“Go ahead,” said the photographer.

The model wandered out into the backyard and whipped out his phone and pressed the auto call. “Arthur, this is Webster…… Benjamin Webster.. tsh Doctor Benjamin Webster….. I’m at Tellington’s Photography…. Having my photo take, what did you think?” Dr. Webster sighed, this was going to take time. “Well if you just shut up and listen I can tell you. I think she’s here…. Queen Victoria- who do you think? I think I have located Jenna Carson.” He paused for effect. ‘Yes I thought that would prick up your pointed little ears. I need someone to confirm it.”

Well Dr. Webster, he thought to himself, time for a subtle candid phone snap.

Daily Prompt: Candid


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