Tour Date


Today’s the day. Annie texts telling me the bus is on its way. Seems amusing to have A-level a bus full of Drama and English students en route. Probably going to be bored out their skulls.

PT is sorting out the filming schedule today and put aside time for the students.

Greet the students on arrival, have to remember to be formal and call Annie Miss Davenport for the duration. I do a brief introduction about myself, the studio and what is being filmed. I describe it as a school based drama dealing with issues both sides of the classroom. Tempted to call it Grange Hill with boobs but doubt the students are old enough to have heard of Grange Hill.

We set off on a brief tour of the studio, the students asking reasonable questions. Reach Julia’s dressing room and knock on the door. She says she’s not decent and will come out in a moment. We wait and she emerges. Talks enthusiastically about the role and takes a Q and A. Typical teenage lad asks “do you get your tits out?”, She laughs it off and teases that he’ll have to watch it on the TV to find out.

Next up we go to the gallery and watch a scene being rehearsed. I nip out with Annie for a moment while the AFM gives the class a lecture.

She tells me she is in a bit of trouble at school, I inquire if it is for getting naked in the pub or for fucking Bob. She laughs and informs me that, surprisingly to me, it’s nothing to do with that. Besides she hasn’t really advertised that she’s been shagging Bob. It’s more due to behind the scenes issues, a few first year parents aren’t happy that a busty teacher is teaching their children as it might be ‘distracting’. I tell her that’s ridiculous, boys of that age get hormonal over virtually anything. She smiles and agrees. I ask how Bob is, “gone back to uni now” she answers. We return to the gallery.

Take students on a set tour next, the three sets are the Teacher’s bedroom, a cafe and a library. Cue more giggles from the boys at sight of the bed. The AFM explains how a camera set up would work and picks a few students to illustrate various techniques.

The class moves on and Annie lingers behind and whispers in my ear “I’m not wearing a bra today”. I quizzically raise an eyebrow.

Tour ends well and the students are reassembling on the bus. Annie pops over to me and asks if I am free tonight.

Later in the evening I call at Annie’s, we have dinner and a bit of wine. She suggests we watch a film and I go through her DVD collection. I see a disc by her handbag and ask what it is, “it’s a few edited highlights of Jude the Obscure, I’m doing a class on Hardy” I shrug my shoulders and pick up a second unlabelled disc. She blushes, “that’s a copy of a video I made with Bob.” She shys away, “ah I get it” I say and casually place the disc down. We settle on an old rom-com and shortly after I nod off.


I wake up still on Annie’s sofa. She’s dressed herself for work and picks up the DVD for class. Tells me I can stay if I want, but I decide to get on home and get ready for work.

Day goes well at studio. Get a message from Annie moaning about a meeting in regards to not wearing low-cut jumpers and how she’s teaching the class on Hardy next. Not even a video will keep my year 10s awake she says. Going to prep notes for them in the office and leave them to watch the video.

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