The Summer Wino Tour Part Two

You can find part one here


After browsing online for various walks I could do, I settled on a walk around the Digley Reservoir which was a relatively easy walk, ideal for me as I had left my boots back in the Hotel. The drive was relatively simple and involved driving through a lot of steep country lanes, though it was grey and miserable weather wise the views were good and there is something magical about the number of stone country cottages about. Amusingly I drove past a pub called the Huntsman Inn, well amusing to me as there is a Huntsman near me and surrounded by stone cottages and accessed by a number of steep and narrow roads. I parked up in the small car park about 12:15. Looking at the sky I slipped on the waterproof trousers I had in the boot of the car. I wandered across to the Notice giving details of the walk and noted there were two walks, a small one of about 1.2 miles and a longer one of about 4 miles. I decided to go on the shorter walk and headed into the small woodland area. noting en route that there were several signs warning of sheer drops… I believe there was some quarrying around the area and some point.

The route was a bit muddy but not dramatically and there was the odd bit of uneven stone but the walk through the woods was fine, I even got mobbed by a nice couple of dogs. I followed the path and took in the scenery. It was a bit chilly in the wind which made me wish I had bought my awesome Gregory Porter had with me but nothing overtly chilly… well not at first. I had walked for a bit and gone down a farm track and passed several fields of sheep and was rapidly approaching a farm house, the path seemed to taking me a long way from the reservoir and towards a couple of cottages and a bigger road in the distance. Fortunately there was a dog walker passing who politely informed me I was actually on the longer walk. I decided to turn back on myself as it was getting colder and headed back to the reservoir. Once I was back en route I spotted where I had gone wrong, the path going down to the water was a little less pronounced.

Anyway I’d seen some nice scenery and I headed back to the car and had a sandwich and a Smoothie. I decided to head back to the hotel and make some plans for the evening. I took a bit of a scenic route home and spotted another pub, the name of which totally escapes me at the moment, and made a note that I might call by during the week. On my route back to Holmfirth I spotted the location of the Fish and Chip shop, Compo’s Café, which was out of the main town which surprised me a little. I called back in the Town and decided to kill a bit of time in the Elephant and Castle reading some of my book. I ordered a half of the Farmer’s Blonde but the bar girl misheard me and ended up with a pint, but never mind. I read about half a chapter as they are fairly long and ended up overhearing the bar staff having a heated debate about who was working what over Christmas week. Joy of joys eh? Once my pint was done I headed back to the White Horse and was surprised to see it was closed in the mid-afternoon, I popped up the hill to the nearby Red Lion. Unlike the Elephant and Castle, this was a cosy little pub full of character even down to the Horse Brass. There were a few entertaining locals propping up the bar who were fairly friendly and the bar girl was amusing, I took a seat by the window and was soon joined by a very friendly dog who was a right old fuss pot. I had a couple of beers and returned to the White Horse, the young lady on the bar was a little concerned I had spent an hour sitting in my car in the cold as I hadn’t been told about the residents door when checked in (granted I never asked). I assured her I had popped up the road. I went up for a cup of Tea and a lie down for a bit as my back was hurting from being hunched over reading my book. Feeling a bit refreshed I went to the bar for my evening meal, for starter I had the soup which was Spiced Pumpkin and for mains I had the White Horse Burger, which had mushroom, bacon and fried egg amongst the topping. It was a big portion and well worth the price, I washed it down with a pint of each of the ales on the bar which were Farmer’s Blonde, Black Sheep Best Bitter and Tetley’s Bitter. I went up to my room to plan the next days excursion and tried to have an early night, the only criticism is that the room was above the bar and you could distantly hear the chattering… but once you got used to it you didn’t notice it. Anyways, I listened to a bit of music on the laptop and soon fell asleep.


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