Big Top

The cheerful music reached a crescendo and the giant red curtain dropped as the audience roared in applause, a moment later the Ringmaster stepped out from behind the curtain, soaking up the applause and raising his arms in appreciation. Gently he lower his arms and in reaction the applause from the audience and the music slowly became quieter.

“Thank you, thank you ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,” he bellowed warmly. “That was Six Shooter Sidney and his Continental Cowboys, bringing the Wild West from Texas here for you.” The Ringmaster untucked his staff from under his arm and stuck it into the clay. “…and now, for your education and entertainment we bring you the exciting world of…” He paused for dramatic effect and leaned forwards on his stick. “…the amazing magician from the exotic east. The man whose mesmeric mental methods have made him the mystery man of the Orient.” The curtain parted and the lights focused on the tall figure dressed in the apparel of a Chinese Mandrian, his face hidden by his head dress. A moment later a short white man dressed in a light green suit emerged from behind the figure.

“Ay up,’ he announced. The bafflement in the audience was audible, the man smiled. “I am the Amazing Manson of the far East, other wise known as Hull.” A murmur of muted laugher rippled though the audience. “I am here to entertain you.” On cue a scantily clad girl emerged from off stage and a cabinet was pushed on stage from the other side. “Our first trick is the traditional disappearing lady.” He open the cabinet and heavily tapped all the panels. “As you can see, the cabinet is solid.” He gestured to the assistant to enter. She did so and the magician closed the doors and heavily the doors. “No way out,” he said and closed his eyes. “Ladies and gentlemen please allow me to speak the mystic words.” He muttered some weird phrases and a moment later, the scantily clad girl emerged from under the Mandrian outfit. The audience applaused and the magician bowed. “I could say that was magic,” he said. “Or I could just show you that they are merely identical twins.” He laughed and opened the cabinet. The girl stepped out walked a few steps and collapsed on the floor. A large knife was stuck between her shoulders. The Magician turned to the Ringmaster and gestured to drop the curtain. Various stage hands approached in states of shock and confusion. The Ringmaster crossed to the cabinet and examined it, on the floor was a single lotus flower with a razor blade stuck in the centre.

Daily Prompt: Entertain.


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