Early Doors (mature content)

Late Friday afternoon,

Annie barges in to the pub. She sits at the counter and order a straight whiskey.In the school meeting up came again the boobs topic. Apparently she should wear a wide jumper over her shirt or a jacket. It has been days, she is building up steam and now she must let it out.She drinks the whole glass in one shot and ask for another one without giving time to Reg to ask what is going on. She lifts her second glass and drinks. She puts it down with a bit too force,the man at the other end of the bar counter looks at her. She asks for another of the same and starts blabbing about the meeting and the school :”can you believe what a bunch of fucking bigots they are. Apparently as I am so busty I should go to school wearing wide jumpers or jackets over my shirts”.

She pushed down her throat her drink and unbuttons her shirt exposing her breast hardly contained in a purple lace bra. She turns around and shouts to the entire pub:”what you think,is this too distracting for first graders or it is just too distracting for their fathers?”. It is still early for the usual Friday night crowd so the pub is still quiet and the few patrons already there seem everything but upset by the view of two huge boobs throw on their faces for free.

Reg jumps on the other side of the bar and quickly closes her shirt,grabs her by the arm and drags her in the back.

She sits on the couch. Reg gets some gin from the cabinet and serves them both a drink.They are sitting on the couch one beside the other.She takes off her shoes,makes herself comfortable and starts talking to him. It is quite obvious that Reg is distracted himself by her boobs as her shirt is till completely open.She drinks her shot and looks Reg straight in the eyes:”what the hell lets fuck. You are not listening to me anyway.You are just staring like an idiot at my boobs.” She grabs his hands and place them on her boobs while she unzips his trousers and starts working inside his pants. His manhood getting bigger and harder inside her hands.She feels the excitement raising. His tongue delicately licking her nipples and then his entire mouth sucking her huge tits .She cannot resist ,she kneels down and takes Reg’s ready for action cock in her mouth.She can hear him moaning her name .He makes her stand and slide his finger inside her.She is lost in pleasure.Her knickers around her ankles. She wants to sit on him and ride him wildly but he is faster then her. Her face facing the wall,her hand clinging on the wall paper while he takes her from behind. “don’t stop..harder harder.I want to feel it all inside me”,She is screaming .They cum together.She turns her head to him: “you know what?you are definitely a better fuck then Bob”.

This entry in the story has been written by the lovely Ortensia. You can check out her blog here


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