Got A Light?

Well my first week of garden leave means that I am being paid but not at work. Which is… Actually annoying.

The bulk of the week has been writing out Job Applications and getting pissed of with stupid online application processes. What the **** is wrong with apply for a job, hand in CV, do interview and take it from there? The problem with closed answers on questionnaires is you cannot explain yourself. Gahhh…. Should I run my own place I will not be doing that…

Anyway, I have mostly been staying in to save money and passing time through playing Computer games and watching films and TV shows on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Started to catch up again with the new Twin Peaks and have just watched episode 8. This episode can be summed up with WTF? The bulk of the episode features none of the regular cast save from the giant and Frank Silva as BOB, even though he has been dead for 21 years, it’s mostly set in 1945 and 1956, shot in Black and White and features very little dialogue. It introduces the creepy Woodmen who I *think* are mutated workmen. The episode is set in the part of the desert where the Nuclear Bomb tests were made and I *think* this offers an explanation as to how the Black Lodge fused with reality. As Mum put it, “has David Lynch ever made anything that you can understand?”…. Well there is the Elephant Man, Dune and Blue Velvet.
On the whole the episode reminded me of his first film; Eraserhead.

Games wise I have been indulging in my love for retro games and being playing more fan-made Dizzy games. The game Dragon Valley Dizzy has clearly been programmed by a guy who is a fan of Ernest Hemingway, with screens titled Torrent of Spring, Along the River/and/Into the Trees, A Farewell to Arms and Death in the Afternoon. I thought the game would conclude akin to Beau Geste as deserted Forts are part of the game’s story.

Nearly done with Ghosts of Empire and am looking for my next read. Thinking either “A Farewell to Arms”, “The Old Curiosity Shop”, “The Man in the High Castle” or “High Rise”. Any suggestions?

Currently working on my murder mystery I started with the post “Big Top” which I have received some positive feedback on.

Hope you are all well.

And Finally
Why is there no aspirin in the Jungle?
Because the parrots eat’em all


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