Week Begins


I arrived early at the school. The Head is glaring at my flasher Mac and approaches me. “I trust you are more appropriately dressed today.” She sneers.

“I am,’ I part my jacket to show her the ugly fisherman style sweater I am wearing. She nods in approval. I set up in my classroom and outline the lesson plans for the day. I am bit behind as yesterday was quite a busy day at home.

Reg texts me to say it’s a closed set day in the studio today. I have an event reminder flash up telling me that I the premier of Reg’s final season as headwriter for “Professor X” begins in Friday night. I hope it goes well as he was very tired while producing… maybe that’s why I had the urge for Bob’s massive cock.

Lesson begins and it is hot itchy in this jumper, I have a top on underneath but it’s sleeveless and quite low-cut. What to?

In Studio

It’s a sodding nightmare today. PT hasn’t called in and Julia is refusing to take her top off unless he’s at the helm. I quickly contemplate getting a body double to do the scenes, but have a feeling that she’ll through a tantrum.

I text the Curator to see if she has any advice, she’s used to handling people. I’m a sodding writer not an AFM. Julia is already annoyed that Dave, the guy who plays John- the student she is having an affair with, asked for reshoots on Friday because she was giving a whippetshit performance.

Never work with models. I text PT and ask where the fuck he is!

Annie texts me, moaning about her jumper stifling her. I joke would she rather be her on the studio floor with a temperamental actress, no director…and yes… now the sprinklers have gone off.

Man I will need a visit to the Looking Glass tonight.

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