The Sandman’s Q and A

Another day, another Q and A. Feel free to answer in the comments or if you prefer, create your own post and set up a ping-back. What was the last film you saw at the Cinema? What would your perfect Burger be? What are you currently reading? Fire away. 1. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle … Continue reading The Sandman’s Q and A


"....and hold it, riiight there." There was a click and a flash and the young photographer captured the image. "Now if you will just turn a little to your left..." She continued. The model moved slightly, he didn't realise how exhausting it was keeping still. The photographer captured another image, looked up from her equipment … Continue reading Development

The Island

When I was a spotty little 'erbert of a Sandman in my second year of secondary school, one of the main projects in English was dubbed the island project. The set up was for whatever reason, the class had won a competition to visit Australia or somewhere for a month and the plane crashed en … Continue reading The Island