The Last Sandman

Well after far more procrastination on the subject matter then I should have done, I have finally seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi , I think the thought of sitting in the cinema for the best part of 3 hours is what probably put me off for so long. It was good and I am totally bewildered as to what on Earth was causing all the kerfuffle in Wars-fandom, but then again there was a load of bizarre bumph about a black Stormtrooper in the Force Awakens, so go figure. The Last Jedi takes on a darker tone with Mark Hamill giving a much stronger performance then he ever did in the original trilogy and given much meatier material. Perhaps that is why, here Skywalker is bitter through failure due to the hubris of believing his own legend leading to Kylo-Ren’s defection to the dark side. The storyline focuses a lot on Rey and her attempts to master the Force and her relationship with Luke and Kylo-Ren. Kylo-Ren is shown to be a more troubled character and less of a straight forward villain like Darth Vader, with perhaps a high-level of self-hate running in his character bought on by anger. Snoke is a much more substantial character in this film and the scenes of him and Rey are on par with Obi-wan/Vader scenes and the Skywalker/Vader scenes.
Fans of British Comedy will be delighted to see a straight ahead performance from Young Ones and Bottom star Adrian Edmondson as a New Order general who is a million miles away (both literally and metaphysical) from the punkish Vivian or the slimy Eddie Hitler.
There are plenty of space battles and action sequences spread out the film and as a consequence it doesn’t feel like the film is 152 minutes long. Sadly, I felt Carrie Fisher was underused as Princess Leia in what is now her final film.

Overall, as Yoda might say: film good, it is. Setup for next, movie it has. Disappointed, I was not.

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