It’s What Old Blue Eyes Always Said

We all know the song, Frank Sinatra, Mel Tormé, Julie London and many more too numerous to list have sang it. But if we are being true to ourselves, it’ll always be Frank Sinatra’s song.

It is amazing to think that a singer who was born over 100 years ago has managed to endure such long term popularity, of course he had his career ups and downs, notably in the late forties which was the low point of his career, but his music has always managed to be part of the fabric of popular music. I think it fair to say it was the collaboration with Nelson Riddle which reignited his solo career which had gone through a couple of false starts. A musician strike meant his early solo recordings with Columbia had him backed with a choir and didn’t really have the impact they wanted, particularly after the run away success he had while with Tommy Dorsey.

Personally I have always preferred Bing Crosby over Sinatra in terms of vocal abilities, but I think that, unlike Sinatra, he never remodeled himself as his career went on and he was content to fade out of the limelight.

Daily Prompt: Bewildered


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