What song???

Feel free to answer the questions yourself


1) makes you think of your childhood? In a rather odd choice I would have to say The Chicken Song from Spitting Image and the B-side (I’ve Never Met) A Nice South African. Though the satirical nature of the two songs would have flown over my child mind.

2) makes you remember your teenage years?

I think it depends what part of my teenage years you mean. Early teens I will probably say the “Boom Boom Boom” by the Outhere Brothers, for various reasons. Later teen years I would have to say “You Stole My Wife You Horsethief” by Dizzy Gillespie…. I am sure my first girlfriend could tell you why 😉

3)reminds you of your college/university days?

Not so much a song as an album: Twenty something by Jamie Cullum, because it started off a brief but entertaining period where Jazz was back in vogue for a bit in the UK.

4)was your first dance at your wedding/will be?

Well since I totally have lost the ability to dance (I used to Tap) it will have to be that Fred Astaire classic “I Won’t Dance.”

5)favourite song of all time?

Since I have no doubt that you are not being 100% literal with the definition of a song I will have to go with Hoagy Carmichael’s hauntingly beautiful ditty about lost love: Stardust.

6)favourite song to sing along to?

Minnie the Moocher by Cab Calloway.

7) favourite song to dance to?

See the answer to number 4

8 )song you would like played at your funeral?

Well there are three I have planned to include which are Monty Python’s Galaxy Song,

Elgar’s Nimrod (okay that isn’t a song per se)

And finally from New Orleans itself, Jelly Roll Morton: Didn’t He Ramble

Copy and paste replacing the answers 😊

One thought on “What song???

  1. Childhood song “le cicale”,crap title song of a Saturday night show I used to watch with my grandparents
    Teen age year,”shout” tears for fears
    University “two princess”
    I didn’t dance at my wedding….too short 😂

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