A Small Survey

Favorited smell – Napalm, especially in the morning 😛 Seriously though, it was that Vanilla Musk Mary used to put on. Every time I smell it I think back to the lovely times we’d spend curled up next to one another.
Last cry – Probably when I realised that my friendship with Amy had drawn to a close.
Favourite pizza – Spicy Meat feast with plenty of Chilli Peppers… though not the ones Biker Lee put on his Pizza hahahaha
Favourite Flower – Orchids.
Favourite Dog breed – West Highland White Terriers- like Laddie and Vila (Wee Jock on Hamish MacBeth)
Favourite foot attire – Slippers, nice and comfy.
Hair colour – I tend to be drawn to mousey brown hair or brunettes, but I like a fiery red head too.
Favourite Ice cream – Rum and Raisin
Pet-peeve – Professionally- people who leave tonnes of shit for the next morning. Personally- people who move my shit about without telling me, totally oblivious that I tend put things in places ready for use.
Shorts or jeans – Neither, just give me normal trousers.
What are you listening to right now? What ever the song on the closing credits of Twins Peaks Series 3 episode 9 is
Favourite colour – Green
Colour of eyes – Hazel
Favourite Holiday – Hallowe’en.
Night owl or day person – I am most definitely nocturnally inclined. I could happily become a Vampire.
Favourite day of the week – Tuesday
Nickname – Neg, Bird, the Sandman, Howzer, Nickosaurus, Ferdinand
Favourite music – Jazz (I bet that surprised you)
Do you like to cook? Yes I very much do
Beer or wine? – Most definitely beer.
Can you drive a manual shift? Yes, like most driving Brits.
State you were born? The great state of Denial hahaha. Florence, Italy
Do you work out? Not as much as I should, a few sessions on the exercise bike.
Do you like vegetables? Yes, but not a fan of cooked vegetables.
Do you wear glasses? Yes.
Favourite season? Spring- it’s not too warm or cold. Everything starts growing again, even if it is the season that can hang you up the most.

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