“How do I look?” Asked Sevenpenny modelling her Nun robes.

“Like you broke the heart of every twenty something heterosexual male in the UK,” replied Arthur.

“I’m sure they’ll move on from the disappointment,” she laughed. Her demeanor changed. “I’ll blend in?”

“Yes.” Said Arthur.

Sevenpenny found it very easy to mingle with the entourage of sister’s on their way to the Chapel. She sat at the end of a pew and pretended to be practicing vespers as the chapel filled with the congregation. A few minutes later the Mother Superior attended the pulpit.

“My sister’s, as you know at midnight it will be the 20th of April, the most important day in our church’s calendar and as such for the remaining minutes of today I wish us to hold silent prayer.” The congregation bowed their heads.

Why was the 20th of April sounding familiar? Come off it Julia, you only left school four years ago! Think!

The clock struck midnight and the Mother Superior looked up.

“It is the day,” she began. ‘The day that our church will make itself influence strong.” Her voice becoming more evangelical as she spot. “The day we shall shed our disguise and embrace the true word of our leader!”

Sevenpenny began to feel uncomfortable, was this a nutty Evangelist order of Nuns, was that why Arthur was looking in? No, he didn’t give a Monkey’s.

The Mother Superior somehow seemed to grow taller. “My sister’s it is time to embrace the true doctorine and embrace our leader!!!” She ripped off her wimpol and revealed a black military uniform.. a uniform she’d seen in countless war movies. Sevenpenny began to feel sick. She looked to her sides, the other nuns were wearing grey variations of the uniform.

“We shall salute our leader who died to keep pure,” the Mother Superior declared. She stamped her foot and extended her arm to salute. “Zeig!”

“Heil!” Chroused the Nuns and for thirty seconds they continued their change in a united frenzy, until they spotted Sevenpenny still dressed as a nun. The congregation turned to face her, their eyes burning into her.

“Rule Britannia?” She offered feebly.

Via Daily Prompt

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