What Are Your Best Sleep Over Memories (Blog Prompt)

I guess it was the times Shaggy used to stay over on a weekend. These were quite frequent between ages 10-14, especially in the last year of Primary School and first year of Secondary School. I think we must have watched the first series of Red Dwarf nearly every week and could probably quote it word for word at the time. Other occasions we’d try and sneak down to watch the mucky movies on the German Channels on Sky… only to discover that Shaggy’s mum had anticipated this and blocked the channels.
We didn’t have Sky or Cable at my house until I was 17, so going to Shaggy’s was always fun as I could watch things yet to come to regular TV or indulge watching UK Gold.

I think the biggest sleepover was probably at the end of the summer holidays in 1997. I went to Butlins in Minehead and because it was a chalet for 5 Shaggy was allowed to come along. It was a fun extended weekend but got marred by two unfortunate events. A bout of illness struck a number of the family which resulted in me chundering on Minehead beach… and of course a very significant event in the UK. The death of Princess Diana, we were listening to the radio at the time at the music was interrupted by breaking news announcement, a rarity in Britain back then, informing the nation of the news. I won’t say that the news knocked the spirit out of the day at the Camp, but there was a certainly something lurking in the background.

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