Messy not Dirty

Now I am not the most tidy of people, I am not going to deny that. People often scream that’ll catch something because I don’t have a perfectly organised home. But there is a difference between Messy and Dirty. My surfaces are clean, spillages are cleaned up and shelves are regularly polished, so the whole things aren’t dirty. This time of year you can expect muddy paw prints from the dogs of course because I let my dogs do dog things like roll around in the grass, dig the soil in the garden etc. They’re dogs, that is what they do.

Messy seems to be unanimous with dirty and unhygienic and there are hoards of people who seemed to think unless your home is immaculate all the time, you are a dirty person. The other thing I find is that when I do set myself an order for things at home, a third party has the sudden need to change it for now apparent reason other than it is how they have it in there home. “Oh Nick while you were out I rearranged your bookshelf so it is in order now.” Er.. it was in order. Why is Rememberance of the Daleks now at the start of… Actually why are all my Target books not in order? “Yes they are, look Aaronovitch at the start and Wyatt at the end.” They were in story order, not by author it’s going to take me forever to find a particular novel by Terrance Dicks because he wrote so freaking many of the novelisations.  As an act of revenge when house sitting that person’s home I went into their library and moved Bleak House into the architecture section.

Another phrase I use when people say it’s messy is that “it’s organised chaos”, I know where everything is and that is all that matters.


Daily Prompt: Messy


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