The Wonder Years

No, sorry to disappoint you- or possibly relieve you, this is not going to be a retrospective look back on childhood memories of annoyingly twee coming of age series The Wonder Years.

No what I call the Wonder Years are the moments which, I am sure we all do at some point, is when you wonder what might have been.

There are times where we have to make a decision and as a result there is going to be a what if….

What if I hadn’t broken up with Mary-Moo when I did…. well my then job might have been a little more tolerable having someone to go home to. However, and I am sure Mary would say differently, that there’d be an issue when the lovely Amy stayed for a weekend. Now I am not saying Mary is the jealous type, but I do think she’d probably not be very far from me. The obvious solution would be to bring Mary with us when we went out places… but I have a nagging feeling that there would be a lot of text messages sent upon return home. Now bare in mind that when Amy did stay, Mary and I had split,  but she did take it upon herself to join us uninvited while we had a quick pre-evening drink before tea…. Later she decided that I had dumped her because Amy was coming to visit, the irony of this was that one of the reasons Amy was too talk to Mary in regards to some of our relationship issues.  While I wonder what would have happened, I do believe that the split would have happened later….. and probably just after Amy’s visit.

What if I had taken the job offer by Shelley at Restaurant 7? Well I wouldn’t have had the worry of redundancy for a start, but I doubt I would have stayed long term there as it wasn’t really my sort of set up.

I suppose there is always curiosity about what might have happened, but it is probably best not to dwell on it.

Daily Prompt: Wonder

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