The Faceless Ones

“It’s not my face!!!!”

A cry uttered by John Steed in the opening scene of the Avengers Season 6 (there are six seasons, I am not getting into that debate) episode They Keep Killing Steed. Or more accurately an unnamed character played by John Steed actor Patrick Macnee screams that as he looks in a mirror and sees he hasn’t got his own face anymore. This begs an interesting question which sadly isn’t really examined in the episode, “how much are faces a part of our identity?” After this rather chilling opening scene we get into a rather good doppelganger story in which the villain is trying to bomb a peace conference by getting an agent inside by using advanced sci-fi plastic surgery techniques to make him resemble Steed. The problem is to get the right pattern for Steed’s face they need to kidnap Steed. So Steed cunningly sends out the face moulds to all the agents so they all end up looking like Steed.

The episode was originally intended to be filmed in Spain but budget issues meant this never happened, but in honesty, at this stage The Avengers wouldn’t look right outside the home counties, though as consequence it means the tag doesn’t really work. Guest cast includes future Simon Templer Ian Ogilvy and the highly respected but now forgotten British legend Ray McAnally as the episodes villain.

Daily Prompt: Faceless


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