Do you set rules about how you use your time? (Blog Prompt)

Not in any strict sense as I don’t believe humanity is meant to be bound by a timetable. Obviously to a certain degree I governed by shift patterns at work, which at my current job are fairly fluid tending to fall as business dictates and depending on my shifts it will depend how my day is governed. An evening shift will of course mean I have a schedule to keep. But outside of work I don’t set rules on how use my time unless the need arrives, however had Sian or Rachael remained significant in my life I imagine this would change quite dramatically, the former more so considering… well you know. Rachael, well she was really into her football and supported her local team so some of our time would revolve around that. I myself have no interest in football; I support West Bromwich Albion and that is a fair assessment if you have seen the teams performance this season.

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