The Power of the Sandman

Still no real word from Sian, not sure if this is because she is still recovering from major surgery or if she has washed her hands of me thanks to my albeit brief relationship with Rachael. I have two opposing views on this, Katherine thinks it was pretty c**tish of me whereas Zizzy thinks quite the opposite and that I had every right to look elsewhere because at best Sian was giving me mixed messages and at worst treating me like shit. I can understand why Sian would take the view that I am nothing but a hound dog scratching at her door.

I bring Sian up because she’s been in my dreams a couple of times lately, once where she randomly seemed to be a regular at the Cock Hotel and with her usual temper but a celebrated regular and I was the outsider. Later that she was on a picnic with Amy Cherry and they were discussing steampunk fashions. Is this an manifestation of sub conscious guilt or a sense trying to give Sian a better life? Any answers send them to usual address on the back of a Batter Pudding.

I have been watching with some amusement that a Facebook friend has taken it upon himself to be a One-Man vigilante against Fake Facebook accounts. I am not sure what has driven him to become Absolm Daak: Spambot Killer but it is an amusing distraction to say the least.

Over the course of the week I have watch the 1956 classic and incredibly influential sci-fi film Forbidden Planet, a film which is full of famous firsts too numerous to list here. The three most memorable things about the film are 1, it is very much a sci-fi reimagining of Shakespeare’s The Tempest in many ways. 2. Robbie the Robot. It is one of, maybe even the iconic robots in film and TV with perhaps Gort from the Day the Earth Stood Still being the other serious level of revelry. 3. Leslie Nielsen in his most iconic straight role, at no point do you think of Frank Drebin of Police Squad.

Listing the numerous ways the film has influenced modern science fiction would be vastly time consuming, but I will have to point out how much of an influence it was on Star Trek, particularly the (sort of) unbroadcast pilot episode the Cage. We have a dashing Lothario captain and a cynical medical officer. A daughter who is not familiar with strangers and appears cold in her initial appearance. Then you could compare the Grell with the inhabitants of Talos IV, while the Grell are long gone in Forbidden Planet, their MO of expanding their minds to affect the world around them is similar to Talos IV. The main difference between them is in Star Trek the aliens are ab actual threat. Interestingly enough both of them have a section about not letting humanity get access to the highly advanced civilization. In Forbidden Planet it is the protagonist Dr. Morbius and in Trek it is Starfleet itself- though we learn that later in The Menagerie which was a two part episode of Trek which cut and pasted a lot of material from the Cage.

Best Scene has to be the cook getting Robbie to synthesize Bourbon and after analysing it he responds “Will 60 gallons be enough?”

I went to see the movie Game Night on Tuesday- a film which hasn’t been greatly advertised here and the premise shown in the trailer is that it was going to be a thriller in which a group of friends fine their murder mystery weekend is real. Well that sort of is the premise- but it’s not a thriller per se, if anything it is a mix of Romantic-Comedy cum Crime Caper and any further attempts to discuss the film are very difficult to explain without spoilers. There are many laugh out loud moments and a proper heist sequence towards the end and more twists in the tale then a French loaf. Keep an eye out for some excellent directorial touches mixing model houses with live action.

Thursday I was greeted home with a massive power outage, everything except the downstairs lights going off. I tried to reset the circuits but nothing happened and there is only some much I am willing to do by torchlight when it comes to the electrics. So Thursday evening seemed like the Sandman version of Death to the Daleks or, if you prefer, the Red Dwarf episode White Hole. Actually perhaps White Hole is a better example because of how much of the house hold appliances ae electric… luckily my cooking hob is gas powered so I could still make myself a cup of tea. The sparky came in the morning and it seems the combined Microwave and Oven has give up the ghost and that was what was tripping it all and because it was still plugged in, the trips wouldn’t reset. Luckily, I have an old microwave of my Granddad’s in full working order so it isn’t an immediate worry.

I have been catching up with the X Files having missed a few episodes, so the episode I watched was about illegal organ trade.. or so it seemed. The episode opened with an organ harvest and what seemed like a revenge killing. Then it gets really odd and was a little reminiscent of the classic Hammer Horror movie Countess Dracula where an aging woman believes that bathing in the blood of virgin girls will restore her youth- here it is a similar idea but with replacing organs and conjoining with young healthy people.. and also eating hearts, livers and lungs and turning them into organ smoothies…. even by X-Files standards this was pretty gruesome and uncomfortable viewing. I suspect that is because it is much more grounded in reality than the usual paranormal gubbins.

So after a fortnight after my decision to shave off my beard and moustache and I am getting a bit fed up with it, I now recall why I don’t like it. There’s always rough patches and I get 1:30 shadows not 5 0’clock shadows.

Maybe it is reflecting a change in my taste but the last couple of Issues of DWM haven’t inspiried much interesting for me with some of the features being of no interest. I know that for a lot of modern fans
cosplay- or fancy dress as I call it- is a big thing, but for me it is not so a four page article every month telling me how to make my own Timelord collar or Ace costume and so forth is just filler for me. But the letters page proved that for some it isn’t and ended up being quite rewarding. Since the thought of a season produced by Chris Chibnall isn’t exactly getting me excited I wonder if I am going off the show a bit- Chibnall’s previous output on Who and Who-related has been terrible at worst and at best passable hence my lack of enthusiasm.


3 thoughts on “The Power of the Sandman

  1. I’ve never seen Forbidden Planet and seeing or hearing the title instantly leads to me singing the theme to Rocky Horror Picture Show (which I’ve seen prob 200 times).

    Your power story reminds me of my parents’ home, where you couldn’t use the toaster and microwave at the same time or you’d blow the circuit… which I’d always forget. I didn’t replace my last microwave after ti died, thinking I’d do more cooking. Instead, I just eat more cold food.

    Good luck with the women!

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