The Wonder Years

No, sorry to disappoint you- or possibly relieve you, this is not going to be a retrospective look back on childhood memories of annoyingly twee coming of age series The Wonder Years. No what I call the Wonder Years are the moments which, I am sure we all do at some point, is when you … Continue reading The Wonder Years

Radio Times

Back in my University Days one of my subjects while studying my degree was Radio Documentaries and as part of the course for my final project I had to pitch three documentary ideas. The three which I pitched were The Nat Gonella Story, which as the name suggests would have been a documentary on the … Continue reading Radio Times

Messy not Dirty

Now I am not the most tidy of people, I am not going to deny that. People often scream that'll catch something because I don't have a perfectly organised home. But there is a difference between Messy and Dirty. My surfaces are clean, spillages are cleaned up and shelves are regularly polished, so the whole … Continue reading Messy not Dirty