The Weather Meddler

Monday I went to the cinema to see Black Panther, another film in the Marvel comics series which are leading to the Infinity War. A problem with this is that as consequence, the dramatic tension for the film is a little compromised by having Black Panther appear in the Infinity War trailer before the film. … Continue reading The Weather Meddler

The Magnificent Severnside

Sunday 22nd April proved to be my first chance to see the Severnside Jazz band this year, previous gigs have clashed either with work or being on garden leave and needing to monitor my out goings more tightly, so with spring in my step (see what I did there..... .... oh alright please yourself), I … Continue reading The Magnificent Severnside

The Song is You

People in relationships often turn out the clichĂ© of "their song", a song which often is supposed to define and/or reflect the blossoming of the relationship or an expression of the relationship as it stands. Unfortunately from my perspective from the outside looking in it does seem that a large number of people show are … Continue reading The Song is You