Obligatory Post Named After A Jazz Song

I have my Spotify Daily mix 1 playing as I type, this list is very much swing era based and opens with Woody Herman’s Orchestra playing “At the Woodchopper’s Ball” which was pretty much their signature song.

I called in at the Kynn the other day and a chap at the bar got us all reminiscing about the shows we watched as children on a Saturday morning. he described a show none of us recognised and after some Googling it transpired that it was Ghost Train and a few photos jogged our memories… however they both seem to be convinced I had made up Parallel 9 and my description of it having a purple dinosaur who loved Guns N Roses was a weird composite of Barney the Purple Dinosaur and something else. I assure that this show existed along with the Purple Dinosaur whom I an sure was called Brian… obviously what else would a Dinosaur be called? This lead to thinking of other shows and I then recalled Jigsaw, which was an under 5’s show and looking it up I had a sudden stab of childhood fear. Jigsaw was the show with Mr Noseybonk on it, just in case you have forgotten (or repressed the memory of) or are lucky enough not to have been exposed to Mr Noseybonk here he is in all his child friendly and not at all the stuff of bedwetting childhood night terrors.

Here is a clip from Jigsaw in which he appears to be teaching the under 5’s how to grow sex aids.

Ok maybe that is just my dirty mind there….

Anyway I was thinking I might have been just a bit of wuss as a toddler, so imagine my joy and relief when I came across Charlie Broker discussing Mr Noseybonk on Screenwipe, he pretty much sums up everything I thought about Mr Noseybonk.

Nice to realise it wasn’t just me….
(Dry Bones- Tommy Dorsey)

Now this part of the post is more likely to only really be of interest to my fellow Whovians as it relates to Doctor Who and more specifically the Target Book range. When the series was revived in 2005 it wasn’t long before original novels featuring the characters in the current series were published by BBC Books which while perhaps not up to the level of maturing the previous original fiction ranges were, after all the new series tie-ins were of course aimed at the audience of a tea-time family show, were pretty entertaining light weight reads and had the feeling that they were novelizations of TV stories that weren’t made. Well a few series in I lamented that there were no Target novelizations of NuWho and when I talked about it on an internet forum I was shot down in flames saying “what would be the point considering the shows are so readily available on home media?” and variations of said theme. Well clearly after ten years someone at the Beeb read my post and thought “Hey that guy is right, we should start novelising them”* as hey presto, four stories have been novelised, one for each NuWho Doctor. The added bonus is that two of them (Rose and the Day of the Doctor) are written by the original scriptwriters which is always a good thing. I am guessing they are just testing the waters with the range, I hope they do sell well. If I have one minor criticism it is that none of the novelizations are written by Terrance Dicks. Maybe next time eh?
(Relaxin’ at the Touro- Muggsy Spanier)

I thought about starting a series of posts on the theme of 30 Jazz albums everyone needs to listen to, not sure if I should do that in separate section to the main blog or not though. Ideas?
I intend to cover a broad spectrum of Jazz and while some of the albums may not be the best of the style or even the artist, I am aiming to give the impression of the artist, style and even period of the artists work. Obviously artists such as Miles Davis and John Coltrane would have multiple appearances because of how their music changed over their careers. I hope to put a few surprises in their too…

(Stardust- Hoagy Carmichael)
It’s nice to see the weather finally picking up from snow- we are now definitely in the stage of “April showers” but on the whole the sun might not have his hat on yet but he’s certainly taken off his scarf and jacket.

I picked up my horns over the course of the week and am trying to get my chops back, my biggest flaw appears to be in my breath control which has fallen dramatically thanks to lack of practice, but that will improve as I play more. No, the main issue is my alto sax appears to be faulty, it is screeching and squeaking and not due to my breath control- it is something to do with the octave key I am sure, I might try a softer reed first though. Ah well least I have the tenor still, I have got myself some good sheet music to practice with- including some Dixieland material.

(Misty- Errol Garner)

Writing wise I am contemplating having another bash at writing what is provisionally entitled “The Publican Lark” which will essentially be a situation comedy set in a Pub- yeah ok I know that is what I do for a living and therefore is a bit of a lazy topic to begin with but…. there are advantages to the set up. It allows for a work place sitcom and also has the shop floor element which adds variety and adds a confrontational aspect as well, as you have customers who want something and an open set up for various types of characters.
(Paranoid Android- Brad Mehldau)

*Obviously I am joking that the NuTargets are all down to a post I made in a Doctor Who forum. Proves I was right though…


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