All That Glitters.

It was going to be a long day. That much had been clear the minute that woman had turned up on the door. He’d briefly met her several months ago when Arthur had got him roped into conducting a medical assessment on that Saudi prince who wasn’t.

“Well she knocked on the door and asked me if I would accompany her as she had a military patient and she knew I was responsible,” Dr. Webster explained.

“Really?” Queried Arthur

“No, she forced my flat door and told me I was now working for the military and to consider myself under Marshall-law.”

Arthur smiled, a very condescending smile suggesting he already knew this and had been humouring him.

“So what’s the beef?” Dr Webster asked impatiently.

“I can’t tell you,” replied Arthur innocently.

Dr. Webster tutted, “Arthur can you please, just this once, not do the enigmatic spy routine, I am not in the mood.”

Arthur’s demeanor changed and his smile became…. sympathetic perhaps? Ashamed? “It isn’t I won’t tell you, I can’t tell doctor,” he answered. “I don’t know either, I too was dragged from my house and my knitting without so much as a by-your-leave. I am as much in the dark as you.”

It was Dr. Webster’s turn to smile condescendingly. “So you are being pulled in by the nose without a clue and expected to fix something. How does it feel to be on the other side?”

Arthur smiled warmly, “Unpleasant.”

The door to the antechamber opened and Corporal Bell and a crowhaired man walked through both carrying green protection suits.

“You two need to put on these,” Bell answered coldly.

“Ok corporal what’s going on?” asked Arthur taking a suit from Bell.

“We have an outbreak of something,” she stated possibly administered by touch as the medical staff were the first to go down.”

“Ah that explains the Midas reference,” muttered Dr. Webster.

Corporal Bell looked at him sharply, “how did you know that name?”

“I have ears,” Dr. Webster replied, “I heard you radio through to your superiors.”

“Midas?” Chirruped Arthur as slipped into his suit. “Not the most original codename. No wonder you needed to wrangle in a professional.”

Daily Prompt: Toxic


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