The Song is You

People in relationships often turn out the cliché of “their song”, a song which often is supposed to define and/or reflect the blossoming of the relationship or an expression of the relationship as it stands. Unfortunately from my perspective from the outside looking in it does seem that a large number of people show are rather unimaginative in their choices. Having bar tended on numerous wedding parties, anniversaries and birthdays the number of times “Angels” by Robbie Williams and “True” by Spandu Ballet turn up amid a sea of clearly “what happened to be in the top ten while they were dating” choices suggests a lack of originality or desire to truly personalise. Also it could be an instinct not to alienate the crowd and offer a hook into their lives, a common bond if you like.

Looking back at my own relationships it is telling perhaps that my relationships with both  Philippa and Mary were severely lacking in the presence of music, due to wildly different musical inclinations. Philippa claimed she was very much into folk music, but the only thing I recall her listening to was Florence and the Machine and U2, hardly the folkie worlds of Woody Gutherie, Steeleye Spam, Fairport Convention or Nick Drake. She would vaguely mention a band called Peatbog Fairies but I never heard or saw any evidence of any this in her record collection. Pretty much she’d dictate what I could listen to in my own car or if I could go to the club on an evening. Mary on the other would at least indulge me, sometimes evening accompanying me to the various gigs (even a 1940s night at one point), but it is perhaps telling that when Mary wanted to go out for music she’d invite her female friends out with her (or her  gay co-manager) for disco nights and what not.

Musically speaking, the strongest bond for me was with Amy, she was a retro-chick from Whitton with a penchant for the Bee Gees and all things 1960s. On top of that she enjoyed listening to Swing and Blues and had various collections including Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald and John Lee Hooker; another link was that we were both fans of the classic musical-comedy The Blues Brothers and I can remember her raucous support for my rendition of Cab Calloway’s Minnie the Moocher the last time I visited her.

When she came to stay for a weekend way back in 2012 both Friday and Saturday night were spent listening to the live bands at the Malthouse in Ironbridge. I cannot recall the names of the bands but they were sort of Rocky Blues type if memory serves correctly. Amy of course went off to strut her funky stuff at various points.

Image may contain: 1 person Image may contain: 1 person

Actually, I tell a lie there. Amy probably was the second most musically connected girl. The first most definitely was Andrea. I meant back in the day when MSN had community groups and she joined a Jazz Group I was in (it was called Jazz Planet if memory serves) and we befriended one another, her online handle then was Dancing Jazz Monkey. It wasn’t long until we were chatting on Messenger talking about Jazz albums, our favourite artists and the availability of live music in our respective local areas. Good times and I miss those good old days, perhaps it is also telling that Andrea and Amy ended up going the same way…

If you were to say do I have a song I’d like to make a couples song, I’d have to go with this and hope it isn’t just another couple cliché

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