The Phantom Sandman of Old London Town 1

It was in the month of November in the year of our lord two-thousand and fifteen that the capital city of this sceptred isle become host to a series of sittings of a Shropshire based Sandman in various areas but most frequently sighted at the public houses of the names the Montague Pyke and the Bulstrode. Early reports indicate that early on Thursday evening the first sighting of a bearded figure in a long coat was seen alighting an early evening Train and making his way to a nearby Tavern. Reports of the activity suggest that this was a brief visitation and that the aforementioned figure became acquainted with pricings of ale within the centre of the Capitol. Upon leaving, the Sandman is reported to have then proceeded to the Underground Train Network, joined the Piccadilly line and proceeded to the suburb of Hounslow. Further reports then indicate that the figure was identified as the Sandman and checked into a local Travelodge which were to be the Sandman’s digs for the upcoming weekend.

The next sighting of the Sandman was at the nearby local Tavern the Bulstrode, a tavern which according to recordings has been a location reporting past sightings of the Sandman since the year of our lord Two-Thousand and Five, almost ten years to the day of the current visit. Another sighting of the Sandman is recorded as being in the following year for a single night, where the following Morning the Sandman was recorded travelling from the Heathrow International airport en route to the American City nicknamed the Windy City, a city which is a hub for travel within the United States and as such further exploration of the Sandman’s movements at that period are limited; rumour has it that during this time the Sandman was sighted in Mount Pleasant, Detroit Zoo and Royal Oak but these reports are unsubstantiated by eye witness accounts.

During the contemporary sighting at the Bulstrode has been confirmed by the Hounslow branch of the Campaign for Real Ale as there is electronic documentation of the Sandman confirming his location and lamenting the restricted choice of Real Ale available at the Pub. The ale was unrecorded but local reports suggest the ale was the Cornish brew Doom Bar, an ale which has been confirmed as being a permanent fixture of the Atcham located Hotel The Mytton and Mermaid. The reasoning for this is derived by the cryptic message left with the branch of CAMRA which reads “Same ale and Price as back at the Mytton”. While there were two more permanent ales at the time being served at the Mytton and Mermaid sources indicate that the Bulstrode at the time was out of the distribution zone.

Another incident at the Bulstrode indicates that the Sandman was observed to administer some first aid to a collapsed patron whom the staff suspected of going into coronary assault but the arrival of Paramedics referred to the incident as being a combination of heartburn and excessive consumption of Scotch Whiskey. The Sandman is reported have ordered some food at the location but the dietary consumption has not been recorded, however it is suggested that the traveling had worn out the Sandman as Travelodge security codes record that the Sandman returned to his digs at 10:30.

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