Missing in Action

We all have items that disappear seemingly without trace. There are a number of CD cases in my home where the disc is missing, presumed broken. I did have a few disc folders but then too seem.to have vanished into thin air. They’re probably in a box in the loft somewhere.

I purchased a 4CD boxset called The Fats Navarro Story, along with albums by Acoustic Triangle, Keith Jarrett, and Max Roach, at the 2016 Upton Jazz Festival from a charity pile of discs which had been donated by the widow of a regular attendee and I later discovered that disc 1 was missing. Oh well… I still cannot find the Keith Jarrett cd, I put it down somewhere at home and never found it again.

But what has surprised me is that one of Daily Prompt entries has vanished from my WordPress. The entry called Interlewd has vanished without trace, it is lucky I copied it to my Livejournal or it would be lost forever.

Daily Prompt: Disappear

2 thoughts on “Missing in Action

  1. I spent years looking for an earring that pulled out of my ear as I changed shirts in my bedroom. It was never found and still baffles me as to where it could have gone. But my missing pink sock emerged several years after the sole time I wore it – it was behind the washing machine. Maybe your missing CD is there too.

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