The Pilot Session


Meet Joan and the Bar Maid to discuss scripts for the pilot. Bar maid asks if she’ll get chance to be physical on screen.

We go to Joan’s little studio. It is cramped, but good enough for doing a few scripted pieces and a bit of improv. Bar Maid is a bit of an air head really and more interested in looking good but suits the character I have written.

Do a scene where the girls are preparing for a night out and am unsurprised that Bar Maid makes this a chance to show off more of her body and strips to her undies. Joan is a little more reserved but it makes for nice contrast. Then asks if we can film a sex scene, not between them but as closer to the night out. I point out that we are lacking in a male actor and she suggests doing it POV. I say ok and she simulates being on top and I have the camera from my vantage. She really emphasizes her chest as we film. She looks at Joan who gestures something

Plays with bra for a bit and a few moments later slides it off pushes her exposed breast forward.

She smiles once done. Joan looks a little taken aback.

I ask if she wants to do a similar scene and she declines.


Wake up in Bar Girls living room. She pops down in dressing gown and asks if I’d like some tea. Get message from Joan saying wants to do a sex scene but differently to that. She outlines she wants to be seen third party. I say I will look for a chap to do it.

Annie calls. Says she the Curator and her are heading to the coast for a few days.

PT calls. Need to come to studio to deal with a problem.


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