This is the End…

So the Daily Prompt is no more. A shame really as it was often (not always) a good starting point for writing “off topic” from the main body of the Sandman’s page.

While I will admit that the single word Prompt for me were less fun then the previous set up which would give a paragraph or a loose theme to work with. The problem there was that after a while the Prompts would be repeated or a variation of the same idea would crop up.

In hindsight it is easy to see why it changed to a single word Prompt and there were potentiallt billions of entries to do. But while a single word might plant a seed, a seed needs more just a seed to grow.

In retrospect, I think a weekly writing prompt based on the original paragraph set up was the way to go.

The Daily Prompt may be gone, but the bloggers I have met as consequence have not.

The (Final) Daily Prompt: Retrospective

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