Sportin’ Life

It has come to my notice that there has been a minor football tournament taking place, but this is the only Sporting Life for me

So the grip of Summer has taken hold on the Sandman and his work to the extent I have had to loosen my tie occasionally while on shift!!! On top of that I have not been seen wearing my coat, even at night!

The dogs are not enjoying the heat and in an attempt to make home a bit more comfortable I bought a fan to help cool the house down. Ben ran away from it and Missy growls at it… All in all that didn’t work did it.

You may recall that not so long ago I purchased a pocket saxophone, well my arsenal has grown as I have added a straight Soprano Saxophone to my collection. I have been umming and ahhing about one for ages and I saw one on offer for £160 pounds plus P and P, complete with neck straps, carry case and cleaning cloths and sticks. It has two neck pieces one slightly curved and one straight. The tone is very good, just need to get familiar with the ins and outs of the model. It, like the Tenor and Clarinet, is in Bb flat so I can use 50% of my existing sheet music and scales for sax to practice with.


Heather and I have certainly been enjoying the crazy lazy days of summer with numerous day trips and plenty of out door activity. Heather stated that she wondered if there’s be a day where we wouldn’t end up hot and sweaty… Oh dear. Still I made an equal stupid comment at work “all this activity with Heather is wearing me out”.

Wednesday was a day of downtime, we chilled on the sofa and watched a film she had bought. It was a Japanese animated movie (no not that sort) made by Studio Gibili and was essentially a teen romance with a bit of fantasy in it, oddly enough the song “Country Roads, Take Me Home” was a recurring motif.

I had Saturday night off and we watched National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1, which was very silly even if it did pinch a few jokes from Wayne’s World and the Naked Gun.

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