31 Days of Doctor Who (all in one)

Twitter recently did a 31 day challenge in relation to Doctor Who. I took on the challenge but rather than have it get lost in my Twitter feed I have compiled it one easy to find place here. Happy Reading.


1 – First story I saw – I had a very vague memory of the Borad reveal from Timelash and a vague memory of Bonnie Langford’s outfit in Time and the Rani, but my first proper memory is Paradise Towers.
2 – First episode I missed – Silver Nemesis part one. For some reason my mum made me deliver Avon orders with her.
3 – Underrated – The Mutants
4 – Overrated – City of Death. It’s good but not the all towering masterpiece of rep. Especially when you realise a lot of it is running up and down Paris to show off the location.
5 – Guilty Pleasure – The Creature from the Pit
6 – Special Effect – The laser bouncing off the mirror in Warrior’s Gate.
7 – Incidental Music – Tristam Cary’s Dalek score.
8 – Companion (Male) – Harry Sullivan
9 – Target Book Cover – Original run: The Abominable Snowmen


Blue-Spine Reprint: The Curse of Peladon
10 – Favorite Target Book – The Cave Monsters

11 – 1st Doctor Story – The Massacre
12 – Favorite Title Sequence – Pertwee’s final one.
13 – Favorite Villain (Humanoid) – Tobias Vaughan
14 – 2nd Doctor Story – Web of Fear
15 – Favorite Monster – Sea Devils
16 – Companion (Female) – Classic Who: Zoezoe

NuWho: Amy Pond
17 – VHS Cover – An Unearthly Child
18 – 3rd Doctor Story – The Mind of Evil
19 – 4th Doctor Story – The Talons of Weng-Chiang
20 – Favorite Writer –  Classic Who: Robert Holmes

NuWho: Jamie Mathieson with Moff and Whithouse joint runners up.
21 – 5th Doctor Story – Frontios
22 – 6th Doctor Story – Vengeance on Varos
23 – Most Ridiculous Moment -It’s toss up between “the moon is an egg” and Crayford discovering that he didn’t lose his eye after all…. I mean come on! Have you never taken the sodding eyepatch off ever? Yeah it’s got to be the eyepatch
24 – Favorite Line – “Please do not throw hands at me”
25 – 7th Doctor Story – Curse of Fenric
26 – Favorite Terry Nation Cliche – I think it has to be the excellent build up you always get in his part ones.
27 – The Beautiful Thing About Doctor Who Is – It’s such a malleable format that it is ever changing and until NuWho had no set rules on to what the show was to be and always allowed a new creative stamp on it.
28 – Random New Series Story and Pretend I like It -Smile. Tends to be dismissed as a Happiness Patrol rip-off but it is a good little story and there is a wonderful almost Hartnell/Nation part one feel about the opening of the story with the episode following the Doctor and Bill as they explore the world and discover bits and pieces of the plot.
29 – Actor Who Should (Have) Play(ed) the Doctor – For classic Who, I would say Andre Morell but he’s the definitive Quatermass so I feel that disqualifies him. So I would opt for Michael Aldridge who I could very much see as a sort of nutty but warm professor type Doctor with a bit of thing for making gadgets out of everyday stuff.

Nu-Who: Stephen Fry.
30 – Favorite Story – Classic Who: The Talons of Weng-Chiang


NuWho: Heaven Sent
31 – Favorite Doctor – Patrick Troughton


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