Timeless Time

It’s been a changeable week and, thanks to the Orac not liking the Wi-Fi in the living room, I am sat here typing this entry in my dining room while listening to “No One Ever Tells”, the second of three Jazz inspired vocal albums by Seth MacFarlane. Yes, that Seth MacFarlane and no it isn’t a quick cash in but a very competent record and features jazz classics such as “I Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out to Dry” and “These Foolish Things”, as well as songs from the songbooks of Porter, Hammerstein and Rodgers and other torch songs such as “The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else” and “Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year”. It’s a nice chilled ballad album which could probably benefit from a few more swinging numbers but overall a very good showcase for his voice on more tender material.



Talking of Jazz singing and Jazz Singers, I noticed on Twitter that the delightful Kitty La Roar has a small role in a movie called Blackbird which stars Michael Flatley, Eric Roberts and Patrick Bergin. I don’t really know much about the film as my (admittedly limited) research into the film online hasn’t got me very far other then finding several films of similar name. So I am not sure on a release date for Cinema (I doubt it’d make it to Telford or Shrewsbury Cineworld anyway) or DVD/Blu-Ray. I will certainly check it out once I stumble across it, the story sounds good it’s a sort of spy thriller about spy who quits his day job to open up a nightclub in the Caribbean but a former lover brings back the dark shadows of his past. So it’s a dark secret spy thriller and has Kitty La Roar in a bikini what more could you ask for (aside from Kitty La Roar out of a bikini lol)?  Kitty La Roar’s album Valentine’s Eve is available to buy from Amazon and you stream the album on Spotify. The album mixes original songs and standards to bring a very solid album which was part of my soundtrack driving around Summer Wine country back in November.


Here is Kitty La Roar and her quartet live at the Bear Club performing “I Remember Bird”, a homage to the legendary Charlie Parker.

So how are things?

Not so bad, I had a weekend off and spent it with Heather. Saturday we spent the afternoon at Hoo Farm, a place I haven’t been since my age was in single digits, and had a good time looking at the various animals including Meerkats, Llamas, Wallabies and the like. We also were in time for the Sheep racing which was fun to watch and I totally deny that in my rush to get dressed in the morning I had inadvertently put on shoes from two different sets… I deny that completely.

Sunday we went to Jazz Club 90 where the Baby Jools All Stars were playing and for most of the first set were a band member short as the trumpeter player hadn’t turned up! I suspect he hit traffic as he made a mad dash across the bandstand (to the bar) during the third to last number. Heather was speculating how many pints per set the band ran on and seemed highly impressed that Baby Jools was able to drum while holding a pint of Guinness. That’s nothing, Tommy Burton allegedly had a jug of beer permanently on his piano during gigs in a similar way to Fats Waller and Gin. Come to think of it Tommy Burton did look like what a child who was bred from George Melly and Fats Waller would….

Currently reading The Shrinking Man by Richard Matheson which was his second sci-fi novel and was made into a film a few years as The Incredible Shrinking Man, which tends to be remembered for the battles with Spiders rather the cold war story running through it. The book is written in two points of the titular character’s timeline, when he is the size of a bug and a slow count down through his decreasing height. The prose style is nice and straightforward lacking any pretentious paragraphs or high level of technobabble.

I read that the long running sitcom The Big Bang Theory is to end next year with it’s 12th series and while I have enjoyed the show I welcome the end as I feel the show ran out of steam a few seasons ago and had fallen into sitcom death-knell zone of putting everyone into relationships and not even being clever about how it is done. The show needed a big shake up a few seasons ago, probably when Sheldon disappeared for the between  seasons gap. Great potential missed there I feel… oh well never-mind. Funnily enough Chuck Lorre’s other major hit sitcom Two and a Half Men also ran for 12 seasons, but the Charlie Sheen issues prompted a change in format and gave the show a new lease of life, even if a little bit short lived, but even then there was a stagnant storyline which needed to be ditched way earlier then it was.

That’s all for now peeps.


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