Rash Hour

No this isn’t a treatment of a screenplay for a film about a dermatologist who has sixty minutes to figure out what is the cause of a malevolent skin infection on a series of patients or a guy’s desperate hunt for a bottle of Calamine lotion to deal with an out break of psoriasis.

No, this is about the consequences or otherwise of a “rash” decision. Now people always say you shouldn’t make rash decisions as you will regret them later. Well, there is some truth to that and people will spout examples to validate that opinion on the matter, but the point is there is only some truth to that. Consequences tends to be used in a derogatory term to mean results and even as a threat…. “there will be consequences”. Of course there will be consequences because a result is a consequence, regardless whether or good or bad.

Rash decisions are spur of the moment as the term implies, but is that any worse then taking time to over analyse a decision and choice and quite often they ultimately pay off in the long. Things don’t always go to right, no matter how meticulously well you plan them, the world has a habit of just screwing up best laid plans and people don’t behave and react, or do as you might expect. So even with well planned choices, there will be consequences, bad and good, so why the vitriol on rash decisions? Why don’t people go “oh you shouldn’t have put factor X into your plan”? Because a rash decision is an easy target because of the perceived short term fall out, but people fail to comprehend that setting up a heavy plan is a dramatic set up to a fall. Rash decisions should be cherished as they on the whole can be easily dealt with, a major plan is a trickier piece of events to rebuild once they fall about. How many businesses fail because the owners and runners fail to factor in the variables or are so rigidly set on the plan. Plans should be a rough outline of how to reach your intent, and the it is worth remembering that a straight line may well be the shortest route between two points but it is by no means the most interesting.

Embrace the spontaneity of rash decisions and be thankful for the experiences granted as they will serve you better in the long term the any masterplan ever can.


Word of the Day: Rash

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