My Hero

Super Hero movies are currently in vogue at the moment, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe going from strength to strength and at the point where the films can drop in a light weight entry or two as sorbet between the more substantial movies. Seriously, would a films such as Ant-Man or Guardians of the Galaxy have made it past the drawing board even 10 years ago?

So, here I am going to bring up one of my favourite superheroes. This character appeared in the pages of  the now defunct comic Topper and his alter ego was a 10 year old boy called Eric who seems like an ordinary 10 year old boy but he has a big secret.. every time he eats a Banana he becomes BANANAMAN!

No I haven’t made him up to see if you are still reading! Bananaman was made into a cartoon and shown on Children’s BBC back when it still on BBC One and broadcast from the Broom Cupboard and it was a delightfully entertaining and silly. The principle characters were of Eric/Bananaman, the villainous Dr Gloom and General Blight, and a talking crow…. I wonder what was being smoked in the offices of Topper. The hero character was very much of the Superman mode, high cheekbones, muscle bound and an OTT sense of patriotism which was somewhat underscored by him actually being a bit of a useless blunderer and the Crow solving most of the problems and it must be said, some forthwall material which occasionally made it a U rated version of Deadpool. The plots were ridiculously OTT and there was much laughter to had from the show, mostly down to the series being voiced by Graeme Garden, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Bill Oddie aka The Goodies. I didn’t realise this at the time of course but it certainly explained why I was convinced at some point a giant Dougal was going to chase Bananaman.

So here is the very first episode of Bananaman, suitable for children of all ages….

I did read a few years back that there a Bananaman film in the pipeline and even a website was set up to promote it, complete with the hashtag #peelthepower. Quite what happened to this I don’t know, probably was just some bodies pipe dream, and could the Bananaman concept really sustain a full length movie? Perhaps it would work better as a short film before the main picture, a practice seldom done these days.


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