Quiz Show

Recently I visited a pub on quiz night and one of the games was a variation on the old TV Quiz show Give Us A Clue in which contestants had to act out a film, song, book or TV title in total silence to the delight and hilarity of the audience. The pub version differed in just two respects. Now, the unsung hero of Give Us A Clue was the master performer Lionel Blair. I can remember vividly how on one show in total silence he finished off An Officer and a Gentleman in under 30 seconds using just his hands…

Now what possessed the organiser of the quiz night to mess with a successful formula is anyone’s guess, perhaps Patrick Campbell refused to host or they couldn’t find his address (It’s 1a Pearly Gates Road) to ask him. Anyway what they did was have to “sing” an explanation of what the film was about. Oh my poor ears…

In response to Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Guess


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