School Reunion

I’m not a fan of school reunions because they often leave you a tad exposed.

Your school self lingers in the background and your present self feels like you are under scrutiny if your old teachers show up.

I felt very exposed at one reunion as a teacher who saw me naked in a play was present and being a cheeky mare she referenced it once or twice. First up with “nice to see you again and this time you have your clothes on” to which she explained to the others present the situation in which seeing me naked arouse.  Later on she was queried about how much she saw to which she tactly replied with “as much as the director intended” and I told her she can reveal if she wants. So I was merrily chatting away before some speeches were made and she was being goaded a bit and she quite plainly said “well the scene went on and he undressed to his pants and I thought kudos for doing that, then with his back to audience the pants came off and I was a bit “oh my”, then he faced the audience everything on show.”

I must admit I did not expect her to bring the subject up but since she had already cracked the earlier joke it was a natural follow on.

Your Daily Word Prompt: Expect

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