“That’s Quite A Technicothika You Have Here”

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Panoply

My partner Heather has quite the collection of Teddy Bears, My Little Ponies and Zuzu Hamsters. When she spends the night she always she always brings at least one of her Teddy Bears with her. When visiting her home when I was finally admitted to her bedroom it was definitely a Panoply of stuffed toys. The pride and joy of her collection is a stuffed Sheep Dog called Shep which is enormous.

Her latest purchase was a Build-a-Bear Green Ranger Bear which has been released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series of which she was a big fan. Instead of a squeak, the bear has a button which plays the riff from the Power Rangers theme (Go Go Power Rangers, mighty Morphin Power Rangers- for those not in the know).

Myself? I have an impressive collection of Jazz albums, original Doctor Who fiction (I have probably most of the BBC Books Eight Doctor and Past Doctor Adventures and managed to read most of the ones I bought). But on the whole my panoply is of cult and classic TV shows, here are just a few examples.

Other examples are Danger Man, The Prisoner, Jason King, Department S, the Avengers, Blake’s 7, The Adventures of Sir Lancelot, Quatermass.

Callan was recommended to me by a friend and is admittedly still on my “too watch” list, despite often rewatching stuff I have watched many times.

And because it is currently an ear worm:

Be seeing you.

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