It’s Beer o’Clock

One of the downsides of working in the pub trade is that unlike many other Tradesmen, the scope for an after work beer is somewhat limited. There are Town Centre Pubs and Bars with late licenses but often they tend to be of nightclub or cocktail drinking orientation, so sitting chilling with a pint of Best Bitter isn’t an option there… Just picture me in the corner of a All Bar-One with my dimpled pint pot reading a battered paperback while Woo-Girls, Hipsters and Ravers are off about noisily enjoying themselves.

In some ways working in an independently owned pub has it’s perks as often the landlord has a chill after-work too. But equally it is important to remember not to outstay your welcome.

I remember Neil and myself once thought of opening an exclusive club where weary bar and restaurant staff could come along and have a few beers and unwind sharing Pub stories which while would be fun would be difficult or damn near impossible to organise properly.

So Bottled beer it tends to be, which while never as good as being served on draft, does allow me to unwind in my own time, at my own rate and at my own comfort. There of course is the added option of being able to drink stronger beer as I have no worries about the Peelers.

Bottled beer it is… Mind you I wonder if I could install a bar pump in the garage and make it a Sandman Cave and design it to look like a mock pub.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Bottle


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