Life and Soul

Lady Midnight continued her sweeping greetings of the various guests arriving and circulating around and supplying the guests with glasses of Champers. Thomas sipped from his glass, it wasn’t great as it hadn’t been adequately chilled or more likely had been out on the trays for way too long. Despite the season, the ambient temperature within the house was reminiscent of a late summer evening, something his period clothing, wig and false moustache were not very forgiving of. Still it was a sacrifice he was prepared to make as he had a job to do and he needed to fit in with the crowd. Krissy was laughing with great abandon at a joke a male suitor dressed as Harry Potter had cracked and engaging two more guests one of whom appeared to be a pirate with a long-knotted beard, and the other he wasn’t really sure at all, some kind of vamp in a long black dress and a long black wig- perhaps she was one of the The Munsters, he’d ask Sev- Tracy later. He smiled and decided to mingle with the guests more and approached a group of guys who were dressed as different versions of Dracula from across the ages, he was particularly impressed with the guy- who turned out to be a girl- dressed as the Nosferartu’s Count Orlok.

“It’s an impressive party,” he said. “I wasn’t expecting a party on All Hallow’s Eve to be taking place in such an opulent home.”

“Lady Midnight is a woman of wealth and posseses an indulgent streak,” answered “Bela Lugosi” subtly gesturing towards Krissy, who was wrapping her arms around another young arrival. “I wouldn’t mind sinking my teeth into her supple neck,” he added while bearing his “vampire fangs”.

Thomas rolled his eyes and suggested they retire to the drawing room and grab some more appropriate drinks. The collection of Vampires agreed and they found there was to the drawing room where the Vampires were presented with Vodka and Cranberry juice and Thomas presented with a large Sherry. As they sat down a man dressed as a pharaoh departed and for a brief second made eye contact with Thomas before disappearing back into the crowd.

“Would sir like to indulge in a smoke?” asked the Butler offering an old fashioned clay pipe. He felt he should probably follow the man but instinct said to stay behind and relax, don’t attract attention to yourself quite so quickly.

“Yes, I think that would be an admirable idea,” he answered with a smile.

Tracy was laughing alongside Krissy who was teasing the poor lad dressed as Harry Potter, “I’ll cheer you on in Quidditch if you like.” She smiled, “but I think I would need to borrow your scarf, I don’t want you looking down at me.” Knowing he was beat, the lad moved on to try his luck elsewhere.

“I do wish you would dress a little more to your background,” said a plummy sounding voice from behind them. They turned to find an Egyptian Pharaoh approaching them, “the embarrassment that I could receive if it was learnt that the honourable Kristina Orvellie was parading around in public dressed as a slutty Witch.”

“I’m a sexy witch,” Krissy replied. “Slutty which just had pants, hat, couple of pentagram pasties and a broomstick.” Her body language changed a little Tracy noted, as if she were being repremanded by a teacher.

“If you say so,” answered the Pharaoh dismissively, “It would be worth mentioning you might want to check that the entertainment is arriving safely. We don’t want a repeat of the Chandelier story.”

This is a continuation of the story which began here

Daily Word Prompt: Opulent

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