Taking Centre Stage (rated 15)

Your Daily Prompt: Cynosure

All eyes were on her now, she was getting a bit self conscious now, she moved slowly and mechanically. You can do this, she told herself and took a deep breath and pulled the zip down slid down the dress. She took a deep breath and looked at the other players and the technical team she was the uncomfortable cynosure of the moment. She forced herself to ignore them and unclipped her bra and gentle popped it down and slid briefs off. She felt herself going red. She began her next line and fluffed it badly but continued on. Still aware that eyes were on her.

“Okay guys,” called a voice off stage. “Can we stop ogling her now.” The director emerged from his chair and an embarrassed murmer ran through the crowd. The director approached the naked woman who was smiling a little more now, relief perhaps at not being the centre of attention. “It’s difficult the first time I know, you did better than most. Especially with everyone watching you.”

“I was fine in audition,” she said attempting to hide her modesty.

The director smiled, “it’s easier in close quarters.”

“Are we starting again or continuing?” She asked.

“We’ll continue,” the director said and returned to his chair. He cued action again and she began her dialogue, her unseen co actor emerging from the background, dressed in his footman costume. He dropped the plate and stammered, she laughed and continued with the scene.

It’d got the reaction the director has wanted, they hadn’t told the other actor she’d be naked, he knew there was going to be passion but in a build up. She wasn’t so embarrassed with her lack of attire now. She real was the centre of attention of the scene now, was the lad playing the footman acting or was this really his awkward replies as the scene went on.

She was in the dressing room getting into her casual clothes and the director came in. “Were you ok being naked?” He asked.

“I was nervous at first, but it was ok afterwards. Just nerves however-”

“Yes?” Queried the director.

“-doesn’t matter.” She concluded.

The director crossed down the corridor and had a quick word with the young actor. He returned to her dressing room, “we’re going to the servant room scene at the end of the rehearsal, you’re taking your top of in that one too.”

“Ok,” she replied.

There were less about now, but she felt them watching her, this time she was welcoming it. As her top came off she felt good she was proving the focus of the entertainment. She continued the seduction scene with relish, I am on top of the world at the moment she felt.

The footman reached the end of the scene and disappeared behind the changing screen mid-set. She followed a few minutes later, expecting the backlight to be set up. “Oh my,” she gasped as she saw the footman. The backlight came on and in silhouette she mimed the scripted sex scene.

It was opening night and she approached the director.

“The sex scene,” she began. “I think..” she bit her lip… “…the footman should go full frontal before we go behind the screen. I think he will definitely be second example of cynosure.”

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