Looking for the Heart of a Saturday Night

In response to Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Heart

What does Saturday Night mean to you?

Having worked for most of my life in the Pub Trade Saturday Night is one of the busiest nights of the week with early evening drinking trade and the restaurant filling up for the evening and of course the arrival of the late night drinkers whom can stick around until the early hours, the lure of the Sunday morning lie in is more then  recompense for the inevitable hangover.

One those rare occasions I have a Saturday Night off, I find that I have a similar experience to Frank Sinatra in discovering it is a lonely night. It would seem the heart of a Saturday night for me is indeed work and I have to strive to find something to fill the void. The thing is because I know Saturday night from behind the counter I don’t particularly like the idea of going out and being caught in the melee and madness.

So, Saturday Night would be a night in with a takeaway and a film, probably after watching the new episode of Doctor Who, something which again will be lost as the new will land on Sunday nights instead.

So for me, the heart of a Saturday night is work.

Now there’s a depressing thought.


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