Share Your World 1st October 2018

What’s your go-to for unwinding after a stressful event or day? Can be someone or something – music, pets, family or whatever you choose.

That’s a very interesting question and I have two different answers. The deciding factor pretty much depends at what point of the day my day “ends”. Working in the hospitality industry my day has a tendency  to finish late 10:30pm at the earliest which means that scope for destressing has limited offerings. It just usually will involve an after-work drink of some variety and occasionally a form of bar snack not designed to keep your figure in trim and once home I will have a cup of tea or a beer while watching something on TV. Either being broadcasted or recorded from early- or an episode of a show I have purchased on Blu-Ray or DVD.

If I had a day shift, I will invariably head to one of my preferred watering holes and have a beer and chat to my drinking buddies.

The main answer above all is incredibly British- have a cup of tea, take a deep breath and carry on.

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The plane you’re flying in is going to crash, no survivors.  If you had one song you could listen to before it happens, what would it be?  (credit to NewEpicAuthor for this one).  Please share the link to the song if you can.

Now this a cheerful question… I am tempted to say something with a jokey response to the situation like Fats Waller’s I’ve Got A Feeling I’m Falling or Up, Up and Away (sorry can’t recall who did that), but I think it would have to be something which embraced the inevitable with an air off bring-it-on and a lack of fear. So I will have to got with a Meatloaf song, the title track of the artist’s definitive album Bat Out of Hell

What is one thing you’re really, really good at and not ashamed to admit it?  I worded that deliberately because aren’t we taught to be humble and not pushy about our achievements?  Celebrate your ability!

I am not sure my ability to put my foot in it is something to celebrate.

I have always been good at recognising and identify music when I hear it and it doesn’t take me long to tap it out on a keyboard, at least in rough form. I think this ability has been inherited from my Grandfather, he had a really good ear for music- it was shaped like a Piano.

Would you rather lose all of your money and valuables or all of the pictures you have ever taken?

Well I’d rather lose neither but on the whole, while money and possessions are nice to have they are sort of replaceable. I can always earn money and use it to buy new possessions, so I’d have to say photographs. They are snapshots of your life and experience and cannot be replaced, they have an intrinsic sentimental value and help tell a story of your life. They are a snapshot of your life and perhaps the only legacy will only ever truly leave about our own existence.

What were you grateful for or something that made you smile during the past month?

The time I have spent with Heather visiting various places and having a nice explore locally such as nosing around the Broseley Jitties.


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5 thoughts on “Share Your World 1st October 2018

  1. I enjoyed your selection for the last song. Certainly a fitting one from a certain perspective. Up, up and away was by the 5th Dimension. Wow. Way-back machine for me! 🙂 And having a cup of tea, a deep breath and carrying on has much to be said for it. Thanks for participating! 🙂

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